Changes to your waste service

Published: 21/08/2017

Haringey Council blames cuts for changes 

to waste collection

Haringey Council has defended its approval of changes to the collection service given to residents.
Haringey Council approved changes to Veolia’s waste collection system on June 30.

These changes include charging £25 for four bulky items from July 24; charging £30 for replacement bins from July 31; and, charging £75 for garden waste from October 23 and distributing wheelie bins to those who subscribe.

Councillor Peray Ahmet, Haringey Council cabinet member for the environment, said: “After years of council funding reductions, we still need to find another £20 million of savings across the borough, which unfortunately means making some tough decisions.

“We are committed to delivering a good waste and recycling service and understand this is important for residents.
“These charges will allow us to continue to provide that service while helping us to continue to make budget savings and allow more of our remaining resources to go into other essential areas such as adult social care, libraries and children’s services.”

In an e-petition opposing the implementation of changes located on the Haringey Council website, it is argued that the potential impact contravenes the council’s five-point corporate plan for the period 2015 to 2018.
The e-petition suggests the changes could result in the increase occurrence of fly-tipping, with some residents unwilling to pay the extra charges.

Further counter-arguments to the changes target specific points of the plan.
It is pointed out that with most residents already having more than one bin, increasing the number further will go against point 3 to ‘make our streets, parks and estates clean’.
And, it is argued that increased trips to recycling centres will counter point 4 to ‘reduce emissions across the borough’.

A further dispute is over the amount to be charged for garden waste.
Some boroughs charge between £50 to £60, whereas Haringey residents are to be charged £75.

Haringey residents already pay the eighth highest council tax of 33 London boroughs.

Waste collection company Veolia does offer alternatives to the 240 litre bin for garden waste, but an outreach officer must visit each property before a smaller bin is considered.

There is also dismay at mention of a £30 fee for replacing a lost or stolen bin, and replaced when broken by operatives, which opponents say could be open to interpretation; operatives may not realise they have broken bins on their busy routes.