Complaints Procedure

Complaints Handling

Customer service is taken very seriously at Paul Simon and in light of this we have a four stage complaints procedure in place

Stage 1

Speak to your negotiator or manager.

In order that your concerns are addressed quickly and efficiently, we ask that you first raise the issues verbally with your negotiator or manager. Wherever possible, complaints are dealy with quickly and informally at this stage. It is hoped that the vast majority of complaints can be resolved.

Stage 2

Please put in writing or email your complaint initially directed to your negotiator or manager.

A response to a complaint at this stage will be made as soon as possible, and in any event, within 10 working days.

Stage 3

If a customer still remains dissatisfied with the response to Stage 1 & 2, they can write a formal complaint to one of the partners of the firm.

One of the partners will then liaise with those relevant to help resolve your concern. Where appropriate an apology will be given to the customer, a written response will be providedin 10 working days. If this period is exceeded, the customer will be informed as to why this is the case.

Mr Theo Savva ( Magic House, 5-11 Green Lanes, London N13 4TN.

Stage 4

If after this stage the customer is still not satisfied, they can complain to The Property Ombudsman at Milford House, 43-55 Milford Street, Salisbury, Wiltshire SP1 2BP